The Cuisine

Our signature dishes are those fish based, in particluar our seafood crudités. Due to the freshness of our sea specialities, we are able provide our diners with even the most demanding requests.

Thanks to the experienced local fishermen, who supply the restaurant with every variety of fish. Our clients decide how their fish will be cooked, either on the grill or in the oven, choosing at the counter from a wide array of freshly net or pot caught fish.

The Mirage proposes numerous classic Sardinian dishes, and of those the following deserve a special mention:

  • la fregola alle vongole
  • (Fregola with clams)

  • gli spaghetti allo scoglio
  • (Seafood spaghetti)

  • il risotto alla pescatora
  • (Seafood risotto)

  • la burrida cagliaritana
  • (Catfish with onions,walnuts, garlic, oil and vinegar)

  • l’aragosta alla catalana
  • (Lobster with onion, tomatoes. oil and lemon)

Among the house specialities, certain choices merit a special mention where the quality of the dish marries with a simple preparation which elevates the flavours:

  • l’antipasto di Tonno fresco al profumo di Mirto
  • (Starter of fresh tuna with a hint of myrtle)

  • il Crudo di Pesce e Crostacei
  • (Raw fish and crustaceans)

  • gli Spaghetti ai Ricci freschi ed Asparagi selvatici
  • (Spaghetti with fresh sea urchins and wild asparagus)

  • gli Spaghetti alle Orziadas
  • (Spaghetti with sea anenomies)

  • gli Spaghetti all’Astice
  • (Spaghetti with astice, similar to lobster)

  • il Capone alla zuppa
  • (Gurnard soup)

  • il Dentice al forno con frutti di mare
  • (Baked snapper with seafood)

  • l’Aragosta al Mirage
  • (Mirage lobster)